My Resumé

Carel fhm Kuitenbrouwer

Born 1953, lives & works in Amsterdam, Netherlands & in Champigneulle, France.

Graphic Artist & Artisan—in a broad sense, from typography & infographics to photography & videography.
Writer—journalism, criticism, poetry.

Husband to Ange Wieberdink, father of two adult children.
Masters German en Spanish at beginners level, French proficient, English almost fluent.


Curriculum vitae

Autonomous Work & Projects in Commission

(besides part time employments)


Eelste Meyma’s Crypt

Video images to a work for the Ensemble for medieval music Super Librum by Anke Brouwer (2014).
Integral video, sound & some liner notes: Eelste Meyma’s Mausoleum


Environ/Man 0.5 

Spatial & multimedia installation with live performances. Collaboration with Anke Brouwer, Ab Baars, David Eggert, Elise Lorraine and many others.
First public showing in WG Kunst, within the framework of ARTWEST, November 2015
Documentation: Environ/Man 0.5 “aftermovie”


Composition for choir, orchestra, soundscape & video.
Collaboration with Anke Brouwer, composer. Commission of Kamerfilharmonie De Aa, Groningen.
Première 7 & 8 November 2015, Leens & Groningen.
Documentation: Kleurengeluidsignaal, The Video


From Brooklyn to Berlin

Spatial & visual accompaniment of concert by Kaleidoskop Ensemble (Berlin) & Lee Ranaldo (Brooklyn),
Commission of Holland Festival & Kaleidoskop Ensemble.
Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, 14 June 2013.
No documentation available at this time.


Tehillim Illuminated

Spatial & visual of Tehillim (Steve Reich, 1981). Collaboration with ASKO|Schönberg, Synergy Vocals, World Minimal Music Festival 2011.
Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, Amsterdam, April 2011.
My initiative, funded by Amsterdam Foundation for the Arts (AFK).

Documentation in word & image: Tehillim Illuminated on Vimeo


Zwavel, Was & Suiker

Lights, sounds & live music spectacle to celebrate composer Louis Andriessens 70th birthday. Collaboration with composers Martijn Padding & Anke Brouwer, ASKO|Schönberg Ensemble, Holland Festival.
Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, Amsterdam, June 2009.
My initiative & concept & concept. Supported by AFK.

Documentation: Sulphur, Wax & Sugar on Vimeo

Open Source Amsterdam

Open Air Art Manifestation in Amsterdam Bijlmer (9 May – 11 July 2009)
Author of catalogue, in print & on line


Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

CoBra 60 years, The colour of liberty (13 September – 30 November 2008)
Exhibition texts about lenders of paintings & sculptures


TheaterMuseum Amsterdam

Kikker & Co
Lettering of exhibition about puppet theater


Medisch Vandaag, Utrecht

Consultant in restyling of fortnightly tabloid magazine for the (para-)medical sector


Stichting Best Verzorgde Boeken, Amsterdam

Guest editor & author of catalogue of Best Designed Book of 2001.


Two autonomous projects


16-mmm-film with cellist Frances Marie UItti, based on the Sarabande of Cello Suite V by John Sebastian Bach.

De vertegenwoordiger

(The Rep) Performance with electronics, live music & objects.


2000 – now

School of Journalism, Utrecht

Professor & researcher visual journalism, infographics & datavisualisation


Meulenhoff Educative Publishers, Amsterdam

Interim Chief Managing Designer for the sections Primary & Adult Education


Malmberg Educative Publishers, Den Bosch

Head of the department Secondary Education Materials


Vormgevingsinstituut, Amsterdam

Program Manager 2D
Responsible for the program of research and activities on graphic design, information & communication The Future Of Graphic Communication.

Some of the projects I realised:
• Design Management Platform
Network of bureaus, companies, education & research.

• The Autumn of Graphic Design
Lecture Series on graphic design in the information age.

• Design as Editing
Two- day Dutch-American symposium on role and task of the designer in communication production.

• The Digitization of Deisgn
International research program into the consequences of digitization of design professions.

• First the Building Blocks…
Discussions on the necessity for impulses in the reflection & studies on graphic design.

• The legible City
Professional symposium on design in municipal & regional government. Amsterdam & Helsinki.

Exhibition of Dutch design & illustration for computer & television screens.


Hollandse Hoogte, bureau voor fotobemiddeling en grafische vormgeving, Amsterdam

Senior Designer & co-author of reorganization plan.


Vormberichten, Amsterdam

Editor-In-Chic of the official organ of the Professional Organisations of Graphic & Industrial Designers



Many articles in printed media, such as NRC Handelsblad, De Groene Amsterdammer, Items, Industrieel Ontwerpen, Eye magazine

Commissioned articles such as Ministry of Culture & Welfare, Design Expertise, MLIS (Lyon), arc en rêve (Bordeaux), Uitgeverij 010 en Vormgevingsinstituut.


Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, Den Haag

Professor Graphic Design


Independent Graphic Designer (BNO)

Clients in social & cultural sectors such as the Municipality of Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam, Social Health Organisation Greater Amsterdam, NGO for development aid NOVIB, Ekologiese Uitgeverij publishers, Nicaragua Komitee Nederland, Oost-Europa Verkenningen (magazine on Eastern Europe), Orchestra de Volharding, Amsterdam orchestra & choir ASKO, National Committee for Prevention & Cure of Aids NCAB) en Publishing House Van Gennep.


Sjaloom, Odijk

Editorial Designer
Design, production coordination and other tasks in small activist publishing house



Institute of Teaching, VU University
Course to obtain license as professor in Higher Vocational Education.


Post academic residency at Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Amsterdam, faculty of Visual Communication. Projecten on the relation between image (light) and sound (msic).

1972 – ’76 & 1981 – ’82

Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, department of Applied Graphic Arts

Graduation Projects: Magazine Oost-Europa Verkenningen, Boek 10 Jaar Volharding and (Typo)graphic Experiments. Thesis All Design is Interpretation.