Carel fhm Kuitenbrouwer is an artist and graphic designer. When telling his story, he always choses the most appropriate medium for getting across that message. That medium can be text, sound, video, graphical art or an installation — or often a combination.

Drawing on his diverse experience, wide-ranging interests and social engagement, he creates work that focuses on humans in relation to their environment. He lives and works partly in Amsterdam and partly in the French Ardennes.

Kuitenbrouwer has built up an extensive portfolio in the course of his career: designs for books and magazines, house styles and promotional material, drawings and prints, light designs and videos, installations and performances. He has written texts, published articles, edited books and magazines, and organized events and exhibitions. From 2000 to 2015, he worked part-time as a lecturer and researcher at the School for Journalism in Utrecht.

In his multimedia projects, he often collaborates with other creative workers, such as musicians and composers. He also has room for the audience in his work, making visitors a part of the work and letting them share in the rich experience.

Given his social engagement, one of his favourite themes is the relationship between humans and their surroundings — both the natural environment and the built environment. He turns recognizable images into complex, semi-abstract montages, thereby exposing the exceptional underlying the ordinary.

Write to Carel : carelfhm@kuitenbrouwer.nl