Pretty How Town

Pretty How Town

is a multimedia installation inspired by a poem by the American poet e e cummings anyone lived in a pretty how town. This poem is a deceptively simple depiction of the human condition and at the same time deeply moving — almost mystical. It is an ode to the “little man” (and Woman), the salt of the earth, and an example of what art can be (and in my opinion should be), proof that the banal and the everyday can also be exceptional and enchanting.

In March and  April 2019, I put on a limited number of public performances of the project in Tetterode, a creative hub in Amsterdam. Over one hundred people came to see the installation. The reactions were positive and encouraging, which is why I am now so keen to take this project further and introduce it to a wider public.
If you want to get an impression of the performances in Tetterode, watch this short trailer:

The soundscape and the dynamic typography are two key elements in the project. This twenty-minute video looks at these elements in isolation:

The installation can operate independently, with very little human involvement required. However, there is also scope for ad hoc interventions by performers, as can be discussed and agreed with the venue/programme organizers.

I have produced a concise factsheet that gives you the key information about the project at a glance (see attachment).
A detailed description and explanation of the project can be found on my website: