Eelste Meyma’s Mausoleum

Eelste Meyma’s Mausoleum

Anke Brouwer and Carel Kuitenbrouwer

Eelste Meyma’s Mausoleum consists of
Epitaph for Eelste Meyma
Composition by Anke Brouwer
for soprano, tenor, violin, recorder, lute and chimes.
played by Super Librum, ensemble for medieval music
Eelste’s Crypt
Images by Carel fhm Kuitenbrouwer


Epitaph for Eelste Meyma
The lyrics are by the humanist writer and thinker Rudolph Agricola (1444–1485).
They are a eulogy and epitaph for Eelste Meyma, an influential Frisian woman who was a patron to Agricola:

Look, this grave covers Eelste, who belonged to the De Meyma dynasty
now sent to the shadows by cruel death
She was rich in wealth, owned a house, built with strong walls, extensive lands many mornings in size.

The composition is performed by Super Librum, an ensemble for medieval music.
Anke dedicated the piece to her parents in 2014.

Eelste’s Crypt
is the title of the images that Carel fhm Kuitenbrouwer, made to accompany Anke’s composition when invited to do so by her. Eelste’s Crypt is based mainly on skyscapes, symbolizing the ephemeral continuity of human life, and geometric shapes, which stand at the same time for the strong and constructive personality of Eelste Meyma and the positive and touching words by Agricola, who says (for example):

More virtuous a woman Frisia has never produced, you see.
Whoever you may be, who comes here asking for help from the heavens on high (…) hear of people and all that’s theirs: what they are and how they are snatched away.